Essential Reasons From Semalt Why Your Content Marketing Is Worthless Without SEO

Content marketing without enough SEO effort is just another copywriting method. Little is left of marketing there.

It's like being a writer who works on a future novel every night and then just puts everything away in a desk drawer.

Just a year or two ago, it was fashionable to bury SEO, proclaiming content marketing the very silver bullet that will solve all business problems, generating leads. But then everything fell into place.

Quality content is really important. But to get enough attention from your audience and maximize your full impact on your efforts, you need to use SEO techniques as well as SEO tools adapted to it. Because we can't talk about SEO without tools.  Let's take a closer look at how it works.

Content as a good foundation

Can content marketing be defined in one sentence? Yes, no problem: this is a marketing strategy focused on creating valuable and relevant content in order to attract attention and satisfy the interests of a specific audience.

For example, writing a series of publications on how to choose the right land plot on the website of a company that is engaged in the construction of turnkey houses.

That is, we are not talking about sales, but about providing your potential customers with valuable and useful information. In this way, you share your experience and demonstrate expertise in a specific field, building credibility and loyalty from your audience.

High-quality and useful materials can attract visitors both from Google and Yandex, as well as from many other sources.

Search engines have certain requirements for the quality of sites in general and their individual pages. Having good content allows you to ensure that your site's landing pages meet these requirements as much as possible.

It is impossible to promote blank pages in the search, where the information is limited to a couple of paragraphs. Even if you just take and buy clicks through contextual advertising, they do not convert into buyers, since people need to first familiarize themselves with the content to make a purchase decision.

At the end of the day, its quality affects the conversion rate, that is, the volume of traffic and sales. And the whole point of Internet marketing as such comes down to constantly working to increase business profits.

SEO: grab attention and scale results

So, content marketing demonstrates your expertise, positively affects audience brand loyalty and increases conversion rates. But... all this does not mean anything if almost no one reads your materials. To start getting traffic from search engines, you need to pay proper attention to SEO.

And there is no contradiction in this, because even a good author or editor may not understand search engine optimization. This is as true as the fact that a professional driver does not have to be a good auto mechanic.

Here's how SEO helps you achieve the goals outlined in the subheading above

  1. A well-assembled semantic core, from which keywords and phrases are then distributed throughout the page, makes it easier for search robots to determine the relevance of the page and increases its visibility in search. As a result, even one well-designed page can be shown for hundreds of search queries.
  2. External ranking factors, in particular the attraction of backlinks, increase the authority of the site and its individual pages. This is especially important for competitive topics, where it is difficult to get to the Top even with good content, since it is already occupied by old and trusted resources. Such tasks are successfully solved by SEO specialists.
  3. Over time, several months after publication, a sufficient amount of information is collected on each of the pages regarding its state in search, which the SEO specialist can then use to further improve it. Even a 10% increase can provide excellent business results when done site-wide.
  4. One of the key advantages of SEO is that the results of work accumulate and the return only grows over time. That is, the budget and time spent on promotion may be similar, but you will receive more and more traffic. Thus, the regular publication of high-quality and optimized content will gradually provide the business with more and more ROI.

In the screenshot above, you can see the growth dynamics of a commercial site that was equally well filled with quality content and was efficiently worked out in terms of SEO. Together, this created excellent conditions for the development of the project.

Two sides of the same coin: a simple algorithm for successful work

What's most interesting, when it comes to discussing content marketing and SEO, is that there are essentially two ways to achieve the same goal. And that goal is to increase sales, increase brand awareness and grow the company as a whole. The combination of both methods provides the best results.

Problems usually begin when someone suddenly comes up with the idea to achieve indicators that are familiar to one tool, by using another.

Of course, you can get natural links from content marketing alone, but just try to estimate how long it will take. And at the same time, think about where competitors who have decided to act more competently will already be at this time.

What does linking SEO and content marketing result in?

If we tie together SEO and content marketing, we get the following algorithm for working on a project:
  • We collect a semantic core with keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business.
  • We divide them into groups, some of which will be used to optimize landing / service pages, and some - for writing articles.
  • Based on this data, we form the titles of articles and draw up a content plan.
  • We write articles, according to the structure and text of which we then distribute the keys from our semantics.
  • We distribute references to our content through social networks, forums and other channels in order to get traffic and backlinks.
  • We analyze the results and, if necessary, refine the articles to make them even better.

Structure de page de haute qualité

High-quality page structure

And further, working with content is not limited to blog articles alone, and if you look more broadly, you can apply similar techniques in relation to external resources.

For example, if you carefully treat the preparation of semantics and seeding for publications on other people's sites (guest blogging, posting through exchanges), then you can significantly increase the likelihood of their getting to the Top and achieve a constant influx of referral traffic from other people's sites.

Is content marketing possible without an SEO tool?

It's true that you now know how important it is to do content marketing in combination with SEO. However, it is almost impossible to do SEO without an effective SEO tool.

Indeed, SEO tools are numerous. So if you do not know how and what to do, you risk buying several tools at once. Thus, the ideal would be to have an all in one tool that can accompany you in all aspects of web referencing of your site. I advise the new all in one SEO tool: the Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

But what is includes in the DSD? I explain it to you in detail.

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard: What is included?

Here are what functions are included in our Dedicated SEO Dashboard:
  • Keywords in TOP. This section shows all the keywords that the website ranks for in Google organic search results, as well as the ranked pages and their SERP positions for a particular keyword.
  • Best Pages. This section reveals the pages that drive the highest share of organic traffic to the website.
  • Competitors. Here you will find the websites that rank in Google TOP 100 for keywords similar to those the analyzed website ranks for.
  • Webpage Analyzer. This tool analyzes the website performance, mobile adaptability, social media presence, on-page SEO, and other essential optimization factors.
  • Plagiarism Checker. This tool helps to find out whether Google regards your web page as a plagiarism-free or non-unique source.
  • Page Speed Analyzer. This tool is used to determine whether the load time of your site meets Google's requirements.
  • Report Center. Here users can create their new reports and white-label templates, as well as set up delivery schedules.


Even in 2021, there are still people who consider SEO and content marketing to be mutually exclusive. After reading this article, I hope you understand how far from the truth this is.

There is a lot of talk about content marketing, and it really is a very promising direction. But it would be foolish to take it as a "silver bullet" that will solve all problems. Without the addition of SEO, this would be just another way to create articles for your website.

Learning how to effectively combine work in both of these areas is not easy. And you won't get results quickly. But if you have the perseverance and patience, then the return will be excellent.

What do you think about this? Write in the comments!